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Frizz Drink Case Study

Developing Website and customizing it with SEO, SMM, and promotion of Brand in Digital Market

The Challenge

Any company without the presence in the online market finds difficulty in attracting customers in the promotion of their products. So the first big issue was the absence of brand website, and this was not enough, another goal was to make the site viewable to the search engines. The next problem was critical absence in social media circles which is often regarded as the best technique for the promotion of the brand. The third challenge was to create and design an engaging graphics and theme for the brand because brand design and its look describe the motive or the purpose of what the company has to offer.

The Results


Brand profit rose up to 173%


Traffic increased on the website


Increased session time on the site

Strategy and Tactics

With the implementation of the strategy, the brand started to gain profit. With strong and motivating contents the brand became popular among the people on social networks. An effective approach was used in advertising the brand products on social networking that kept the consumer aware of the every offer the company made. Organic traffic and session times on the brand website were increased due to effective PPC (Pay per Click) techniques.


The strategy were carefully executed; steadily every step was designed and implemented in an effective manner. The actions taken are stated below:


  • The first step was to make brand design and theme in such a way that it captures the people’s attention because the brand theme defines the motive or purpose of the company.
  • The next initiative was to develop the website for the brand, not just ordinary website but a website that is good in performance and looks. The purpose of developing the website was to provide information to the current and potential clients about the company. Another purpose was to promote and market the organization services and to get feedback from the customers about their product.
  • Effective SEO techniques were used to make increase the ranking of the brand in search results.
  • The third objective was to market the brand offerings and products on social websites with quality and effective content.
  • Another initiative was to promote the website of the company by promoting its content through many good and renowned blogs, and the final step was the paid PPC which is used to increase the traffic and make the website more searchable to the search engines.

Munawar Rehman

Working with the Creative Keyz Co was a wonderful experience we were not only able to generate our business more successfully but also became more viewable to the customers and improved our rankings in search results. Creative Keyz revolutionized the way we used to market to our customers.

Managing Director, The Leathers